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video installation
screen, pedestal
PAL 4:3, stereo

The spectator finds himself eye to eye with a person: he says «A». This «A», however, behaves surprisingly. There is no end to it. Shouldn’t the person on the screen finally run out of breath? Shouldn’t he finally blink? No! His eyes remain fixed, his expression remains motionless. Yet a never-ending sound floats in space. A bizarre structure beyond common concepts of time emerges, in which eternity merges with the instant.

It is impossible to decide how time is to be understood in this work. On the one hand, as generally, time passes in the linear flow of the articulated sound, on the other hand, the rigid face is frozen by the eternal presence of photographic exposure. This is reinforced by the fact that viewing habits imply movement in television images. There is no real connection between image and sound. It is only present as a perceptual analogy.

Pascal Fendrich - A - Installationsansicht
Pascal Fendrich - A - Besucherin vor Monitor
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