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48 framed colour prints
45 x 45 cm each

The Photos show an assortment of ordinairy products from all over the world. The regular label is replaced by a standardized one. In black letters on white ground the name of the product is displayed in the particular language of the country of origin.

The well-known water bottle with “water” written on it is quite irritating, while salty pickled plums from Japan with the inscription “ume-boshi” does not seem strange at all. In Japan, vice versa the ume-boshi are irritating, while cocktail sausages pass for normal. The fact, that we eat strange things is as easily accepted as the fact that we label our goods with incomprehensible designations.

The inscription basically includes no information at all. Anyway, the litterate anyway know what the content is, while the illiterate may neither guess what it could be, nor decipher the label.

In fact, the labels are redundant regarding their particular frame of reference. Notably well-known products are irritating, while especially incomprehensible variats seem plausible. outside their frame of reference they gain some imaginary sense, which is simply presumed. Here the narrowness of everyday experience becomes appparent. Familiar things in particular are embarrassing and merit the greatest doubts.

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