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Crude Carrier, film version

Crude Carrier, three channel video installation version

Crude Carrier


Video PAL 16:9, stereo
6 min 31 sec

On its way along the Bosporus, the border between the continents of Europe and Asia, an NITC oil tanker of the VLCC class gets into a space-time abnormality. The skyline of the megalopolis Istanbul is drifting away in the background turning into a multidimensional hyperspace structure with infinite expansion. Undisturbed by this phenomenon of vanishing civilization the ship continues traveling to nameless regions ahead.

In this work the spatiotemporal coordinates of the audiovisual footage are transformed. The reorganisation of space and time results in another continous representation of auditive and visual objects captured from our real environment although it establishes a completely abnormal artificial reality. As our contemporary conception and perception of space and time develops according to accelerating cultural processes the work especially reflects the alteration of spatiotemporal correlations.

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