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Pascal Fendrich Staub Ansetzen
Pascal Fendrich Staub Ansetzen

Gathering Dust

Mixed media installation
Video, monitor, vase, pedestal
approx. 80 x 120 x 50 cm

A flower vase stands on a pedestal, next to it a monitor with the image of the same vase. On the monitor a sledge hammer enters the image and destroys it. Then the pieces rearrange to a vase again, whereupon the whole procedure starts from the beginning. The audience can always compare the video to the real object standing next to the monitor. After quite a short time some dust already deposits on the vase. The relation between real object and visual reproduction, between process and steady state, seems contradictory under such circumstances. Althougt the reproduction seems to be subject to constant destruction and rebirth, this ituitive impression turns out to be wrong after further contemplation. Although the real vase seems static and changeless first, especially when compared to its ever moving reproduction on the monitor, it is in fact the only thing that is subject to real alteration. Only the real vase is gathering dust. The video however never changes. The movement caught in endless loops is particularly static in truth. Nevertheless our senses are fooled. After some time of contemplation the immaterial, but noisy reproduction actually seems more intense, moere present than the compairingly unimpressive real object.

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