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Mural installation
Bitmap image from sponges
336 x 288 cm

A random generator programmed by Pascal Fendrich determines where on the wall is displayed either the soft yellow or the hard dark green side of regular sponges. The entire wall is divided into small rectangles whose two-color aesthetics appears as a reduced and geometric mural. At the same time the overall picture of small rectangles reminds of a QR code, which makes reference to common objects. Although the work is not a regular QR code representing any information, its pattern was computer generated and then transmitted in analog materials. The sponges are an industrially produced serial product, but not completely uniform because of different individual details in color and size.

Samira Yildirim

Pascal Fendrich Poren 2016 Detail
Pascal Fendrich Poren 2016 Installationsansicht
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