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Pascal Fendrich Public Void 01 Braunsfeldjesus

Public Void

7 colour prints
120 x 150 cm each

To build houses means to live inside them, like having a second or third skin. It also means to live, to work, to eat, to research, to deliver, to pray (…) within architectural structures, within artificial habitats.

By graphic intervention the doors and windows of different public buildings have been overlayed with monochromatic squares. The inner space of the structures is thereby completely cut off from the outside. What commonly pretends to be a gateway between indoors and outdoors, is here unmasked to be a radical separation, a climate divide: outside the weather, inside the air condition.

The isolation of the private against the public and of the public against the private is taken seriously here. The result is the complete isolation of everythimng against nothing, against the inner and the outer emptiness.

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