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PAL 4:3, stereo
1 min 30 sec

To produce videos other videos are used as tools. The graphical user interface of post production and editig software is always displayed on monitors, and it is full of tiny details: icons, buttons and animations, warning sounds and audio signals. It is in fact an audiovisual, timebased medium, in short video par excellence.

Within this video of higher order subordinate videos are hence edited, composed and mixed. In this process it will very seldomly be considered that video is handeled on two different levels. The tool is identical to the material. Similarly it is possible to crack a walnut by using a second one instead of a nutcracker. The definition depends on the purpose.

In “VIDEO” both levels are brought together. This produces a special constellation, because the user interface is not only used as an editing tool. It is also to be understood as material. The result is an absence of content. The image is challanged, and its power is broken by itself.

Something occurs, that the walnut cannot do: crack itself.

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