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What to do with all that time?

PAL 4:3 , stereo
6 min 39 sec

We are confronted with time on many different levels. It is measurable, objective, relative, subjective or undefined.  It creates historicity, linearity and causality, and conversely, is their victim. But what happens if one day we sit down on a park bench and the continuity of daily life suddenly collapses, and one afternoon we meet our alter-ego paralleled in time? Linearity is scattered, time behaves in unusual ways, becomes cyclic. In motion picture and video, for technical reasons, time is anyway split into frames, like temporal atoms, frozen states. The general perception of being part of a collective continuum of time and space, which spans the world as well as existence, becomes absurd in this video. Here the park visitor interacts with her alter ego, even though both figures are never shown simultaneously in one of those time atoms called frames.  A game is acted out through the properties of the material, and  the media in which the commonly known patterns of temporal terms are transformed to ghostly shadows. Just passing by, an unknown world appears. In a certain way it is the world we know, but then it disappears again.

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