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Poren (Pores)

wall installation
1824 sink sponges
132 x 113″ (336 x 288 cm)

Pascal Fendrich - Poren - Installationsansicht
Pascal Fendrich - Poren - Detail

A random generator programmed by Pascal Fendrich determines where on the wall the soft yellow or hard dark green side of common sink sponges is visible. The entire wall is thus divided into small rectangles whose two-colour aesthetics appear like a reduced and geometric mural. At the same time, the overall image of small rectangles is vaguely reminiscent of QR codes, which creates a connection to everyday goods. Although the work does not represent a QR code containing information, its layout was computer-generated and then transferred to analogue materials. The industrially produced sponges are a serial product, but not completely uniform, as the individual parts differ in detail, colour and size.

Samira Yildirim

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