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What to do with all that time?
(Wohin nur mit der vielen Zeit?)

PAL 4:3 , stereo
6 min 39 sec

We encounter time on different levels. We perceive it as relative and indeterminate. At the same time, it is measurable and objectifiable, evokes historicity and causality. In moving images, the time-space continuum of the everyday world is broken down into individual frames, photographs that are like temporal atoms of discrete states. In this video, the individual frames of two different shots are interwined. The temporal continuity of the everyday world is ruptured. It is summer and winter at the same time. The park visitor meets her spatio-temporal alter ego on a bench, although both are never truly present in the image at the same time. A game is acted out through the technical properties of the video material in which the common understanding of time is broken. An unknown world is revealed that is nevertheless entirely our own.

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